Hey all! I appreciate the last couple of years and all of your support with Yarak Life and my Falconry Perches. Thank you!

Welding and CNC projects are currently on hold while I earn a living working overtime this summer. Once the schedule goes back to normal, I will resume making art as homestead life allows. I have ideas on sheets of papers all over the house in the meantime! I’m still working on building a shop to increase what I’m able to build. Things take time and money!

I’m making some changes to the pipes that I will announce once I’m happy with the design. Look for them either late this year or early next!

And forward we go.

My wonderful girlfriend, Amy, has been working hard to make this site a reality and I am grateful to her. Thank you Amy!

(If you’re interested in following my Blog or getting in touch with me via Email or Facebook, please check out the Contact page)

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